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Marion Mizzi Philosophy

Marion Mizzi Wellbeing offers a range of premier Spas and Slimming Clubs across the Maltese Islands. Every Spa is designed to be a haven from the stresses and burdens of everyday life, where everything is designed for your relaxation, comfort and inner peace. Whether you are looking for relaxation, detoxification, to get fit, or to pamper yourself, our team of specialists are waiting to help you.


Our Spas and Slimming Clubs are renowned for the top quality of service and friendliness and professionalism of our staff, who put every guest at ease and make you feel like you have been lost in time. Each Spa or Slimming Club is unique with its own distinct personality and is ideal for every occasion, ranging from parties to your regular visit to the spa. Marion Mizzi Wellbeing is perfect to visit on your own, with friends or as a couple, offering a variety of tailor made treatments and packages we are sure to satisfy your every need.